Brooksy Mom Connect is a new blog accepting PR in the form of special promotions, reviews, and giveaways sponsored by an affiliate company to Brooksy Mom Connect. I am looking for companies who would like to promote advertising of Brooksy Mom Connect in the form of url links on their home url in exchange for home reviews and advertising of their products. Brooksy Mom Connect's URL does not have to be applied to sponsor's website; This is an optional task by Brooksy Mom Connect's sponsors.

 Products advertised and reviewed on Brooksy Mom Connect Url would become the property of Brooksy Mom Connect in exchange for a review by Brooksy Mom Connect. Reviews will be comprehensive in nature but not limited to or exceeding in length to an arbitrary number of words, paragraphs or pages, unless agreed upon in a specified agreement between the affiliate company and Brooksy Mom Connect. Reviews will be thoughtfully composed and positive. If for any reason I feel your product hasn't any positive points about it, I will not post a negative review. Instead, I will send your product back to you and our current agreement will be nullified without contempt from myself or you, the sponsor. We always have the option of again working together in the future.

Brooksy Mom Connect will not accept payment from an affiliate company for product reviews done by Brooksy Mom Connect, and further will not agree to service home reviews of affiliate company product(s) unless said product Brooksy Mom Connect is reviewing, is also offered in the form of a giveaway hosted at Brooksy Mom Connect's Url. Affiliate company is responsible in providing 2 of their products in total, in which one product will become the ownership of a reader at Brooksy Mom Connect.

 Giveaway contests to readers of Brooksy Mom Connect, will be hosted through Rafflecopter, an official entry form application, or google comment form using random number to determine the winner. Contests will last no shorter than 2 weeks but no longer than 30 days, unless otherwise specified in an agreement between Brooksy Mom and an affiliate company.  Upon commencement of contest, Brooksy Mom will alert winning contestant and forward winning reader's contact information to it's sponsor. It is the sponsor's responsibility to contact winner as well, in a timely manner, no more than 5 days after the sponsor is contacted by Brooksy Mom alerting them of the winning person's  contact information. Affiliate sponsor is responsible also for shipping and shipping costs for total of 2 products to Brooksy Mom Connect's winning reader and to Brooksy Mom Connect. Sponsor is responsible for shipping directly to me 1 product as agreed upon, and 1same product directly shipped to the winner of the contest.

Brooksy Mom Connect will provide back links to affiliate company's Url, and will provide an appropriate amount of advertising space on Brooksy Mom's Url should Brooksy Mom Connect's sponsor desire additional advertising.  Appropriate amount of space will reflect on how much space is readily available, and can be discussed and agreed upon with sponsor. Ads will not be designed by Brooksy Mom Connect for sponsor. An embedded code must be provided should sponsor desire additional advertising beyond the home product review Brooksy Mom Connect promises to provide.  

Statistics Of  BrooksyMom Connect:

1. Brooksy Mom Connect's creator is accredited.
    I have an AA in Business Administration from
    Allan Hancock College from Santa Maria, Ca.
    I run my own Mom blog and I have 3 daughters,
    ages 10 yrs., 4 yrs., and 2yrs.

2. Brooksy Mom Connect is a newly opened blog
    First blog created on November 13, 2011.
    Brooksy Mom Connect is gaining Google +
    followers, and would like to increase it's
    google  +  followers through Pr
    promotions and/ or giveaways through
    affiliate sponsors. Brooksy Mom Connect
    uses an official entry form for giveaway contests
    and will also use random number google comment
    form entries for some contests as well.

3. Brooksy Mom Connect is Facebook, Google +,
    Google 1+, Yahoo, and RSS compatible. Twitter
   is also linked to BrooksyMom's Url and as of
   January 18, 2012, Brooksy Mom Connect has
   906 current followers.

4. Brooksy Mom Connect blogs about Child Car
    Safety and child car seats, Children's toys,
    Vegan  living and food recommendations,
    and Products that will appeal to Mamas
    and Dads. I am interested in reviewing many
    products such as vegan food products,
    cloth diapers, green products, child car seats,
    household and kitchen appliances, kid's bedroom
    furniture, electronics, children's toys, books, and
    blankets, as well as local sponsors such as dentistry
    providers, salons, car dealerships that offer fuel
    efficient or better for the environment autos. Nothing
    is too small or too big for Brooksy Mom Connect. I
    sincerely look forward to working with any sponsors
    I may come to have.  I am a go with the flow type of
    working personality when it comes to my sponsors'
    needs, so don't hesitate to work with me at all.

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