Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Coolest Race-Car Looking Carseat!

One Little Mister, who's blog you can visit (click her button at the top right of my page), has introduced me to The Recaro Pro-Sport Car Seat, and let me say, it is awesome! If you enter by November 21, 2011 which is tomorrow, you may be entered to win Recaro's ProSport carseat.

This car seat 5 point harnesses, like the coolest of race car drivers, from 5 lbs to 90 lbs. for our littlest motorists in mom and dad's car. It has soft and comfortable padding for your baby or toddler's tushie. It has eps foam to absorb crash forces, the same type of eps foam used in bicycle helmets. Might I just say, not all car seats have this. A lot of car seats do, but not all do. The cheaper carseats, while they may protect well with a 5 point harness, are compsed of the harness and a soft cover set pad to cover the plastic car seat shell, but usually not eps foam. So, this is a great plus with the Recaro Pro-Sport car seat.

Recaro also uses ergonomically head wings which many mom and dads can appreciate, so they don't have to constantly prop up their babies or toddlers' head when they fall asleep.

Something else parents of growing children can appreciate is the ability of Recaro's Pro-sport car seat to slide adjust the harness height when needed, without having to take the cover off the carseat. This needs to be done at the back of the car seat, so while it is a nice feature, you would have to uninstall your seat for a minute to easily adjust the harness height.

One thing I didn't know at one time, was this following rule: Your child's harness straps must be at or above their shoulders for front facing mode or in a crash, the crash forces of the accident can cause your child's spine to be compressed within their own body. So, parents, this rule is easiest to follow with easy slide harness adjusters, especially if more than one child uses the seat such as in day care/ carpooling situations. Also the alternative rule is that when your child is rear facing the harness must be below their shoulders and the Recaro ProSport just makes ththese rules easy to follow in order to ensure your child's safety in the car. (There are a few other car seats that do this if you look for this feature. Some of them do not require you to unbuckle the carseat.)

In addition to these features, The Recaro Pro-Sport car seat offers great side impact protection which is great since 1 out of 3 car accidents involve a side impact collision. And in booster mode, they offer clear belt guides, which are lacking in some boosters. Another word of warning for parents, always check where the seatbelt is laying against when a car seat is being used in booster mode. By the way, the Recaro Pro Sport boosters your child until 120 lbs. If you notice the lap portion of the seat belt riding around your child's belly button, ditch that booster seat. It doesn't fit your child at their current weight. Make sure the booster your child is riding in properly places the lap portion of the adult seat belt way under your child's belly button preferably riding across your child's upper thighs/ lower belly. And when I say under the belly button
that is a very liberal guide. What I really mean is well below your child's abdomen, thus clearing all your child's lower internal organs. Often if the seat belt is mis properly placed along the child's abdomen, in moderate to severe crashes ranging from 20-35 mph, your child's organs can be harmed resulting in injury, including internal bleeding and death. So pay attention to that belt and make it fit across your child's lap. Many car seats that have 5 point harnesses that turn into boosters fail children in this way, so always check the adult seat belt fit with your booster! It can be a matter of death. Hopefully Recaro's ProSport gets a good belt fit on most children but it is always your responsibility to your child to check.

In all, I reccomend the Recaro Pro-Sport car seat with its 5 point harness. If you want a chance to win one, click on the button in the top far right of my page. Contest end tomorrow November 21, 2011.

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