Friday, December 16, 2011

Caillou Prize Pack!

I have a 2 yr. old and a 4 yr. old who love the preschool show Caillou. My youngest one happens to think she is Rosie, Caillou's younger sister. She has learned the growling way of talking as well, so it usually comes out, "I Rosie!!! (Insert scrunched up nose and mouth with adamant growley noises as words are coming out)She has also been known to say "Actually, I a boy. (Insert "I know I'm silly" smile) Needless to say, I think she's a cutie with her antics. Now, my 4 year old is the very child who taught her little sister to do this growl talking but that is a whole other thing. She is the mature 4 yr old now who will "try" to correct her sister's mistaken notions. Anyways, this post is about Caillou, and I can't seem to stop talking about the very little kids that love the show. It comes on PBS and is a toddler- kid friendly animated show, cartoon if you'd call it that. (Somehow, cartoons, in my opinion, are the ones that make your eyes glaze over while watching) My 4 yr. old will tell me exactly which episode of Caillou she'd like to watch off of our netflix account, and has seen every episode to date, and always asks me to fast forward through the non- Caillou animated shorts. My 9 year old is a seasoned veteran of this show as well, so it has been around at least for that long. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out they had "Caillou" toys. I was completely unaware until I stumbled upon Nation of Mom's blog where she currently has a giveaway for a Caillou Prize Pack, featuring a Caillou doll, a Caillou train set, and a Caillou fire engine truck. If you'd like a chance to win this for a child you know loves Caillou, visit and enter. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Loving my 4 C's Grandpa Pito

Anonymous said...

Loving my 4 C's and Caillou too ! from Grandma Sharon

BrooksyMom said...

Hello and thank you to be the very first 2 to comment here at BrooksyMom Connect. We love you Papa- Pito and Grannnndma. :) :) :)