Monday, February 6, 2012

Identity Theft Scam Targeted towards Bloggers

I would like to bring to the attention of all my fellow bloggers  the following identity theft scam. I know there are a bunch out there, but I was sent this email which seemed pretty well versed and thoughtfully written.  Nevertheless, upon her response to my reply, I decided I would "google" her links just to be sure.
This turns out to be an identity scam in which cookies are placed on your computer and/or iphone, which can not be altered or changed. This, then gives said "hacker" to retrieve information, passwords, banking, personal identification which said hacker can correlate to your facebook page with your picture. They then can try to claim your identity so they can use your personal information for credit, or worse malicious activities.
Below is our email conversation so you can protect yourself and not have to think twice before deleting this email in your inbox.

 Do not Click Any of Links in This Post Should They Appear!

First Correspondence:    On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 8:02 PM, Christine Cho <> wrote:

Hi Brooksymom,

I was reading your blog today and wonder you could give me an opinion on a diet/fitness app I'm making right now ?

I'm making an app that turns living healthy, and fitness into a RPG game, where users earn points, and "level up' as they achieve their goals. Everytime they eat something healthy like vegetables, they earn points. Everytime they complete a workout, they earn points. You can upload an image of something you'll reward yourself at each level for further motivation, such as new clothes, a spa, vacation, etc.

Each level will present different challenges. The challenges will follow a certain structure. Goals like keeping track of everything you eat, or taking the stairs for a week. Small, concrete goals rather than abstract ones like "be healthy" or "exercise more". The whole point is to create a holistic framework/game that frames living healthy into an empowering journey, and something you can achieve.

I have a beta version of the app + website, and am eager to release it soon, but want to get some feedback before doing so. Would you be interested in being one of the few to see the beta version?


Second Correspondence:    On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 2:02 PM, Cynthia Brooks <> wrote:
Sure, I'd be happy to take a look and give my opinion.

Cynthia Brooks

Third Correspondence:      Christine Cho
4:59 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Thanks for the response! Ok.. well, I launched the beta version of the website at . You're one of the first few ppl I'm showing this to :)

The official release of both the app/site is still a month away. But could you share the website with your Facebook friends if you find it interesting?  Maybe tell them it's the Farmville that actually improves your real life body/stats? :)

Do Not Click on any Links in this post Should They Appear!

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