Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Some thoughts I had for the Day Since I'm on Day 3 of my 1 month No Sugar Challenge

In this society, people have to actively choose healthful foods to eat. They have to choose to avoid fast food restaurants. They have to choose to not eat sugar in abundant amounts. They have to choose to avoid dairy and greasy meat, and white flour. They have to choose to avoid high fructose corn syrups, trans fat, and harmful preservatives in their snack foods. They have to decide how much chicken they can eat in their lifetime because low levels of arsenic in our chickens that we ingest do not get synthesized by our liver. There is mercury to avoid in some deep water fish, one common being tuna. So weight loss isn't always synonomous with being healthful, but in more cases than not, losing weight does mean a person has reduced their triglycerides and lessened eating non healthful choices. Health is important. But I just thought I'd throw in the other stuff when some people make assumptions that being fat is a fat person's fault. People who become overweight at any point in their lives or has always been overweight often get into a cycle of addictive eating. And, with sugar, which is highly addictive, it is easily accessible, even coersive in that when you don't want to eat any sugary "treats" it most likely can be found in food you think is sugarless. Our society has the unhealthy food in our grocery stores, which is not healthy for anybody, then say they want to stop addictive unhealthful eating in children and adults. I'm not too cynical to say that it's all about money, though it's a large part of the evil food hypocracy we're living in. I honestly think that the reason we don't kick what we know is bad for everyone's health out of the grocery store is because 99.9% of our people are addicted to the bad stuff themselves. I don't want anyone telling me I can't have any access to sugar even when I know it's bad for my health, It doesn't matter if
i'm skinny medium or fat in stature. It's bad for me, but it's engrained into our culture, so I still will probably eat sugar here and there as "a very bad treat for me" for years to come, in a balance I feel comfortable with. The way one person's upbringing yields them, should not be overtly judged and criticized by others, but we should be active in willing to help anyone with a weight problem and addictive eating, to pull them out of the trenches of a unhealthful and unbalanced diet.

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